Your Help Needed For Research

Due to their respect for our daily coverage of the covid-19 pandemic, as well as their appreciation of the high standard of thoughtful discussion exhibited by the Peak Prosperity community, a professional research organization, Azurite Consulting, has asked us to partner with them on an important survey they’re conducting.

Their opinion, which we share, is that the quality of information shared with the public about the virus and its implications is poor.

How are people being affected by covid-19, the national lockdown, and the damage to the economy it’s causing?

Azurite is interested in offering higher-fidelity answers to those questions, and getting those answers to both the public and to key decision makers.

We’d like to see that happen, so we’ve agreed to join forces with them. Later this week we’ll be asking the entire audience to consider taking their survey, which we’ve had input on developing.

But right now, we need 100-200 brave souls who’d be willing to be the first to take the survey. This vangard will help us make sure the survey works as intended and be able to provide feedback if they have ideas for improving it.

Are you willing to be one of those pioneers?

If so, click the button below and provide your email address. We’ll email you the survey link when it’s ready tomorrow. Please take it soon after you receive it (it should take ~10 minutes to complete):


Thanks in advance for being willing to be our test pilots!

And everyone else: we’ll ask for your help in taking the survey later this week. Once it’s done, we’ll report all of the key findings out here on the site for everyone to see.


Many thanks,

Adam & Chris

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