WTF: What the Fed?! – Round 2

Watch: WTF?! Part 2

Back in January, Mike Maloney joined Grant Williams, Charles Hugh Smith, Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart for an in-depth discussion on the dangerous distortions to financial markets and the global economy that central bank intervention is causing.

That video, titled WTF: What The Fed?!? was released soon after the US Federal Reserve had added $200 billion dollars to its balance sheet in Q4 2019. At the time, our panel was worried about so much liquidity being added to the system so quickly could recklessly exacerbate the extreme overvaluations in the markets, and further increase the instability of our over-indebted economy.

Little could we have guessed that a global pandemic would soon ensue, one that has seen the central banks collectively flood the world with an additional $4 trillion so far, with (much) more anticipated to come. 

Sure makes that $200 billion look pretty tiny now…

So, if this group of experts was highly concerned about systemic risk before the coronavirus… what are they thinking now?

Find out today – the all-star panel is back for WTF: What the Fed?! – Round Two.