World War E Is Here, the Buildup in Gold Trading Volumes, and More

As cyberattacks increase, Mike is worried about keeping cash in the bank. If the U.S government, Equifax, and power plants can get hacked, our banks are probably next. So what money can’t be hacked? Mike discusses in this new video.

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By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst

It was one of the coolest scenes in the Adventures of Superman show: Clark Kent ripping back his business suit to reveal the Superman outfit underneath while he sprints to save the day. Probably millions of people have seen that transformation.

Well, a similar transformation may be underway with gold, one that shows this market may be ready to fly…

I noticed a curious development in a gold chart from my regular readings, one the author only made a passing mention of. I hadn’t seen it highlighted elsewhere either, so I decided to do a little digging…

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