Why One Trader Sees The S&P Plunging 500 Points

market correction bearTyler Durden:  A “technical red flag” looms according to Sven Henrich – better known to Zero Hedge readers as Northman Trader. ”The technical target that I see would be 1,573 on the S&P,” Henrich warns an anxious CNBC anchorette, adding that the S&P 500 must stay above the 2,025 to 2,030 range in order to keep the index from falling by nearly 500 points from current levels.

“If we break below this level by the end of May, then stocks may actually indeed retest lows or break lower..”

NorthmanTrader.com’s Henrich details his perspective below.

Despite the large February – April rally stocks are down year over year (May 6 2015- May 6 2016). $SPX is down over 1%, the Nasdaq is down over 4% and small caps are down over 8%.

On May 6 stocks closed basically where they were in the third week of March which implies they haven’t really gone anywhere in the past 7 weeks.

And not going anywhere has really been the theme since QE3 ended. So this period of consolidation remains completely unresolved, literally stuck in the middle:


As I’ve outlined recently ultimately this range will resolve itself into a big move once a directional breakout has confirmed itself.

We are closer to all time highs than any recent lows and with yet another OPEX period coming bulls likely have again the horn to make magic happen, after all, OPEX retains an almost perfect track record of pre-programmed buying:


There are exceptions of course. Both January’s in 2015 and 2016 were OPEX busts and so was August of 2015. If anything August showed how quickly the bid can disappear.

So here we are in May of 2016 and we can observe an almost perfect replay of last year. A rally into the upper Bollinger band, a retrace back toward the lower Bollinger band and 50MA just in front of OPEX. Will the program just replay itself? After all new time highs were made in May last year.

Still something happened on Friday that has happened only twice in over 20 years on the $SPX: The weekly 100MA has crossed over the weekly 50MA. Only by 1 handle mind you, but it has happened.

The last two times this happened carnage followed:


Both of these crossovers happened in context of the following events:

  1. SPX had broken a multi-year ascending trend line
  2. GAAP earnings were declining

Both of these conditions are in place here as well.

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