Where Is America & Its Markets Heading in 2019?

David McAlvany, Amir Adnani and Michael Oliver return on this week’s episode of the radio program.

America’s social and moral fiber is wearing thin and the republic our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us in 1776 is rapidly being torn asunder. Why are traditional values being lost? Is it even possible to retain them in a rapidly changing world? How are declining moral values leading to America’s economic decline? Given events within our control, what can we do to make this a better world, not just materially but also morally, for the benefit of future generations? Regarding the social and financial landscape of America, what does 2019 look like and how should we prepare? David gives his insights into those questions.

One market that is coming to life is the uranium market. Amir talks about Uranium Energy’s prospects given improving market conditions. Michael provides his usual prescient insights into the precious metals, currency, equity and debt markets.


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