Where Has All the Gold Gone? | Bix Weir

Why in the world is Germany unable to get back their physical gold, and why did the US Mint halt production of Silver Eagles, yet the paper price of Gold and Silver are plunging to 5-year lows? Are the laws of supply and demand being overruled? Are reluctant preppers wise to snap up real hard money at these prices, or should we be smelling something rotten and proceed with great caution?

Bringing his 30 years of financial industry experience working with Fortune 500 companies, founder of RoadToRoota.com Bix Weir joins us for the first time on ReluctantPreppers to share his perspective on what’s really going on with precious metals price vs. supply and demand, and a surprise about the true scarcity of precious metals that flies in the face of conventional wisdom and should cause us all to pay attention. Not to be missed!


Dunagun Kaiser, founder