When the whole truth is out….

Fifty-two years ago this week the world was shaken by one of the seminal moments of the 20th Century. The Kennedy assassination created a tectonic shift, the aftershocks of which we are still experiencing today. Much has changed in those fifty-two years. Where once 80 percent of the public believed the Warren Commission Report’s verdict — that JFK was killed by a deranged gunman, acting alone — today it’s less than 20 percent. Was this the tipping point in our distrust of government and its institutions?

Our WhoWhatWhy guest this week, Gary Shaw, thinks so. He has spent most of his adult life exploring, researching and trying to make sense of the assassination. His book Cover Up is one of the preeminent works on the subject. His conclusions, which he shares with WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman, provide a bracing clarity as he brings together, and into sharp focus, the many ambiguous grainy images we all know.


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