What to Expect from Apple’s September iPhone Event

iphoneComputer and mobile device behemoth Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is gearing up for its most important event in two years next month. Here’s what investors can expect to see.

1. The new iPhone may not be very new.

According to a Nikkei report from a couple months ago, Apple’s new flagship product will have the exact same form factor as the iPhone 6. That would be a huge letdown for a large number of current users who are expecting a major design update.

At the very least, the new iPhone, which may be called iPhone 7 or something else like the “iPhone SE,” will get updated internals. Expect a faster processor, more memory, upgraded storage, and a better camera. We also may see the end of the traditional headphone port on the iPhone, which will simultaneously push technology forward and make hundreds of millions of people very angry.

You can bet that Apple will need to give its customers a compelling reason to upgrade, so even if the design hasn’t changed, a slew of new features will have to be introduced. The company simply cannot afford to see iPhone sales continue to slip.

According to MacRumors, “The iPhone 7 is expected to be unveiled at a media event tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 7, with pre-orders reportedly beginning on September 9 and a launch following on September 16.”

2. More iOS updates.

Especially if the design of the iPhone doesn’t change, Apple will absolutely need to bring new software features to its phones.

A beta version of iOS 10 is already available to developers, which contains a bunch of smallish enhancements. Expect several more features to be unveiled with the new iPhone launch, including some that will be exclusive to the new device (remember Apple brought force-touch and live photos exclusively to the second-gen iPhone 6s when that device was launched).

3. A major MacBook Pro update (finally).

It’s been over four years since Apple upgraded its MacBook Pro laptop lineup, and it’s in dire need of a change.

Apple has clearly fallen behind its rivals in the interim, and the new laptops are expected to include a thin second screen with touch ability, a thinner design, better battery life, a fingerprint reader, and more.

Although MacBook sales pale in comparison to iPhones, this update should prove to be a very compelling reason for current MacBook owners to upgrade to a new machine.

4. Some kind of surprise.

The second generation Apple Watch is a long shot to be unveiled this soon, but you never know. Reportedly the device won’t be ready for primetime until next year, so it wouldn’t make sense to mention it in September.

Other possibilities include a new iMac, updated iPads, and perhaps another low-cost version of the iPhone designed for emerging markets.

Expectations are running high for the event, and Apple stock will no doubt be very volatile on September 6.

Apple shares rose $0.23 (+0.22%) to $108.16 in Friday morning trading. AAPL has gained 2.8% since the start of 2016, but has bounced 20% from its yearly lows hit in mid-May.


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