What Might Trump and Qaddafi Have in Common?

  • On September 14, 2011, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled, “Trump’s New Gold Standard.” The article noted: “On Thursday, the newest tenant in Donald Trump’s 40 Wall Street, a 70-story skyscraper in Manhattan’s Financial District, will hand Mr. Trump a security deposit worth about $176,000. No money will change hands—just three 32-ounce bars of gold, each about the size of a television remote control.” A video in which Trump talks about this transaction where he accepted gold for a 10-year rent can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDb1uJZYQ8s. It is important to note his connection between a dollar that is going down and gold. Do you think the bankers would want someone occupying the White House who thinks like this?
  • On Feb. 22, 2016, Donald Trump backed Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill while Senator Cruz did not do so. Donald Trump lent his support to Sen. Rand Paul’s plan to audit the Federal Reserve on Monday, endorsing the idea in a tweet that accused his rival Sen. Ted Cruz of failing to support it. “It is so important to audit the Federal Reserve,” the Republican presidential candidate and billionaire businessman tweeted Monday afternoon.

Aside from the monetary issue, Trump is also showing he doesn’t believe the establishment’s views on who is responsible for 9-11.

  • On February 17, Trump stated that if he is elected “You will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.” More importantly he is threatening to open the books to show who was really responsible for that heinous crime. “It wasn’t the Iraqis,” he explained. “You may find it’s the Saudis. They have papers in there that are very secret,” he also said, referencing the 28 still-classified pages of the 9/11 commission report. “But you will find out.”
  • Fact: On 9-11, The FBI released the, “Five Dancing Israelis,” that were arrested by the NYPD on 9-11 for filming and celebrating the attacks on the WTC and driving around in a van that tested positive for explosives.  These were admitted Mossad agents working undercover in the USA. What’s that all about? Wouldn’t you as an American like to know? Do you think any candidate other than Trump would ask the question?
  • In 1971 Nixon removed gold from the dollar and shortly thereafter began “sleeping” with oil-rich Saudi Arabia. To ensure the dollar would have value and could remain the world’s reserve currency to ensure that the S. military could increase the Anglo-American empire underpinned by powerful banking interests, Henry Kissinger arranged with BushSaudi Arabia to require OPEC nations to use the dollar for all oil sales, thus ensuring a bid for the dollar.  Since then most of the wars in the Middle East have been fought to ensure that the existing monetary order—the petrodollar—remains intact. With its dominant oil supply, the incestuous relationship with Saudi Arabia is a key to keeping Anglo-American bankers like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers ruling the world. Any revelation that Saudi Arabia was involved in taking down the World Trade Center would be politically lethal to globalist bankers, who desperately need to control the oil fields to continue their dollar counterfeiting operation. All of the presidential candidates, save Donald Trump, are globalists. Take away the ability to control money and you take away their power.
  • Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy tried to serve American interests by taking money creation away from NY and London That guaranteed their early exit from this world. No one is more establishment than President George Bush I, shown above at a recent Republican debate. When Donald Trump was announced as a candidate, Bush reacts with a hand motion to slice off the Donald’s head! If Trump is serious about returning America to an honest monetary system then we are indeed facing a revolution.  As William Engdhal explained yesterday on my radio show, the empire is dying from its overindebtedness.  The empire is desperate.  It seems a revolution is at hand.  All we can do is pray and leave it in the hands of our Creator
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