What History Tells Us Will Come Next

What History Tells Us Will Come Next

Executive Summary

  • Failing empires end when the elites have exhausted the resources of the masses
  • Debt/indebtedness is the weapon the State uses to subjugate
  • Our debt-based money system is designed to make you a serf if it can
  • Are you taking the right steps to avoid the trap?

If you have not yet read Part 1: The End Of Our Empire Approaches, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

When the Empire of Debt can no longer find stooge countries to pillage with contracts they have to begin preying on their own local populations, which goes a long way towards explaining the actions of the Federal Reserve over the prior 20 years, as well as the student debt chart above. As well it explains the ECB vacuuming out the last scraps of wealth from Greece, and what’s about to happen to Italy.

Economic Hitmen

Under the global empire of debt, loans are issued and if the country borrowing can pay that back, awesome, but if not then the most productive assets of that country are seized as they are almost always the collateral in the story.

Greece has recently lost its ports and utilities to foreign banks and bankers, a system of financial tribute and extraction performed as neatly as was laid out by John Perkins in his book Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

Homeowners who cannot pay lose homes, farmers lose farms, and drivers lose their cars. And the people, countries and entities that don’t lose their possessions? That simply means they worked hard enough to pay off the loan by doing or creating something of value.

It’s a ridiculously powerful system of money and it deserves a museum all its own because of just how insidiously it works. Practically none of the affected parties realize that when they take out a loan what they’ve actually done is assigned their productive output to the banks in the form of interest payments, or to the banks protection agent, the government, in the form of taxes.

A critical component of this debt-money system for you to be aware of is…

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