Welcome To The Movement

Executive Summary

  • Confidence in the US is eroding, and as goes sentiment, as goes stability
  • Expect covid-19 to deliver more nasty surprises
  • Prepare for higher inflation and supply chain breakdowns
  • Joining the PP movement is much better than facing what’s coming alone

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The US deteriorating fast.  It can’t even manage the simplest of tasks: getting sufficient PPE to its front-line health care workers and explaining to its own citizens why wearing masks is in their own individual and collective best interests.

Will other countries continue to accept the US dollar and trust it as a ‘store of value’?  Increasingly, the answer seems to be “no”:

This erosion could well turn into a waterfall at some point, especially as the coronavirus continues to throw sand in the gears of the global economy.

Which is why I’m preparing for…   (Enroll now to access the full Part 2 report)


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