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Week in Review: January 21, 2017



Free MarketsWar and Foreign Policy

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Week in Review: January 21, 2017

Political Theory


22 min ago

America has a new president, but will the new boss be the same as the old boss? Already we’ve seen the GOP embrace the same failed policies of the past in regard to healthcare and spending. And while Trump hasn’t gone as far as to suggest a universal income, he has made it clear that he has little interest in cutting entitlements. As Jeff Deist points out though, Trump still has the opportunity to make steps in the right direction — largely by rejecting the failed foreign policy of Obama and his predecessors: 

Voters plainly want an end to our intractable conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and they don’t want another dollar or drop of blood expended to install western democracy in the sectarian Middle East. Trump must resolve to stay out of Syria, stop the saber rattling toward Iran, and reject the crazed calls for resurrecting a Cold War with Russia. He must refuse to normalize constant war as an acceptable feature of American life. By trusting his deal-making nature and refusing to start — or intensify — another conflict, Trump could shock the world by actually presenting a kinder, gentler America.

While Donald Trump’s following through with his “America First” foreign policy promises would be a revelation worth celebrating, decentralization is the only true way to Make America Great Again.

On the next Mises Weekends this week, Jeff is joined by John Tamny, a writer and editor at RealClearMarkets and Forbes. They dissect Trump’s economics, especially his reflexive trade protectionism and fetish for exports over imports. They also talk about the policies Trump might get right, especially when it comes to the Fed.

John Tamny: Trump’s Economics

Video of John Tamny: Trump's Economics

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And in case you missed any of them, here are the articles featured this week on the Mises Wire:

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John Tamny: Trump’s Economics

Video of John Tamny: Trump's Economics

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