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Week in Review: February 4, 2017


  • Wall Street bull


The Federal Reserve opted to stay the course this week after meeting for the first time since Trump took office. The real question is whether 2017 will be the year they begin to normalize their balance sheet. While the Dow jumped over the 20,000 mark again on Friday, the Fed’s continued inaction and continually unimpressive GDP numbers paint a bleaker picture than the narrative we’re being sold. Meanwhile, the attempts to prop up America’s housing market continue to fail as homeownership numbers are the lowest they’ve been since 1965.

The Trump bump may soon be replaced with a more bitter reality.

On Mises Weekends, Jeff was joined by Allen Mendenhall, Mises Associated Scholar and Director of the Blackstone and Burke Center, to discuss Trump’s selection of Neil Gorsuch. Is he an activist, an authoritarian, an originalist, or a positivist? Is he too cozy with federal power, or does he show a libertarian Coloradan streak? Jeff and Allen look over his record and what libertarians should expect from the next Supreme Court Justice.

Allen Mendenhall: Trump’s Supreme Court

Video of Allen Mendenhall: Trump’s Supreme Court

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And in case you missed any of them, here are the articles featured this week on the Mises Wire:

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Allen Mendenhall: Trump’s Supreme Court

Video of Allen Mendenhall: Trump’s Supreme Court

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