Week in Review: August 26, 2017

By: Mises Institute
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On Monday, President Donald Trump decided to go against his own “instincts” and committed to a renewed military surge in Afghanistan. Already Congress commits to spending more in year 16 of the conflict than any European nation spends on their entire military, aided by a Federal Reserve prepared to monetize ever growing debt. Of course, Trump’s shift isn’t surprising. As Ryan McMaken noted this week, it makes political sense for an increasingly isolated president to try to consolidate support behind military action. Unfortunately, it’s still bad economics.

To dive deeper into Trump’s foreign policy shift, Daniel McAdams joins Jeff on Mises Weekends. The costs of our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria — human and economic — keep piling up. How do such deeply unpopular wars go on so long? Why do sensible notions of peace and non-intervention fail to gain a foothold in Congress or the White House? How does the War Party in DC play both sides? And how do they silence anti-war voices like Tulsi Gabbard?

And in case you missed them, here are this weeks Mises Wire and FedWatch articles, covering a wide array of topics:

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