BullionStar Perspectives – Corey Keller – Expert view on the gold refining sector

Filmed in October 2020

Corey Keller is an international precious metals consultant providing contracted consulting services to precious metals companies globally through his company Keller Consulting.

With over 30 years experience in the design and build of gold refineries including processing, acquisition, disposition, logistics and project design, Corey has worked with gold refineries on five continents, including Metalor Technologies USA, and has extensive experience working with the leading gold refineries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

He has also worked with refineries in as diverse locations as Canada, Venezuela, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Honduras, and is also consulting on potential refinery design projects in Qatar, Papua New Guinea and Egypt.

Join BullionStar’s Ronan Manly in conversation with Corey, as they discuss the realities of the the gold refining sector, how this affects the Precious Metals Industry as a whole, as well as Corey’s expert views on such diverse topics as the LBMA, the COMEX, the London Good Delivery List and the bullion banking sector.

0:00 Introduction
02:27 Overcapacity and undercapacity in the gold refining sector
04:03 Volumes and costs in gold refineries
05:38 The LBMA and the representativeness of the Gold Delivery List
09:36 Potential competition to the Good Delivery List
11:37 Protectionism and the complaints of NGOs such as Global Witness
13:25 The drivers of gold inflows into New York’s COMEX during 2020
16:01 COMEX mass approval of LBMA refinery brands during July
17:45 The future home for physical and the potential of Singapore as a refinery hub
22:02 Corey’s views on the work of the Gold Antitrust Action Committee (GATA)
24:34 The dominance of bullion banks – Scotia and JP Morgan
27:04 Acquisition activity in the global gold refining sector
29:59 Gold mining supply and its impact on refineries
31:43 Silver refining requirements versus gold refining
33:30 View on buying and accumulating physical gold

Corey is available for international consulting, and can be contacted at [email protected]

Keller Consulting LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/keller-gold-consulting/
Corey Keller LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/corey-keller-b55133/?originalSubdomain=ca

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