BullionStar Perspectives – John Adams – The Gold Market: An Australian Perspective

Filmed in September 2020

Join BullionStar’s Ronan Manly in conversation with Australia’s John Adams, as they discuss Gold in Australia, how it relates to the Global Precious Metals Market, and The Reserve Bank of Australia and its decisions regarding Gold.

00:00 Introduction
00:44 John Adams’ connections to the Australian Parliament
02:26 Why RBA sold 167 tonnes of gold in 1997
06:41 Deficiencies in the RBA gold audits
12:58 Lending of Australia’s gold at the Bank of England
20:20 The Australian’s perceptions and views on physical gold
24:32 Not buying the domestic Aussie gold production?
26:58 Domestic and RBA opinion on repatriating gold
28:44 Mainstream media questions about sovereign gold
31:33 Views on manipulation in the precious metals markets
37:12 Liberty and freedom in a time of Covid

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