BullionStar Perspectives – Ronnie Stöferle – “The Golden Decade is Dawning”

Filmed in May 2020

Since 2007, the annual “In Gold We Trust” report has been required reading for anyone interested in investing in Gold and other precious metals. This year’s report titled “The Golden Decade is Dawning” is no exception. Join us, as we hear what Ronnie Stöferle, one of the authors of this authoritative report, has to say about it.

Read the report here: https://ingoldwetrust.report/?lang=en

0:05 Introduction by BullionStar

2:11 Title and the IGWT team and sponsors.

3:26 Review of the last 12 months.

5:31 Gold in times of MMT, helicopter money and corona.

7:07 Gold as the save heaven during the debt crisis.

8:18 Silvers silver lining.

9:24 Mining stocks: the party has begun!

10:54 Other articles in the IGWT Report 2020

12:26 Quo Vadis, Aurum?

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