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Wars and Rumors of Wars

Let’s be clear about one thing. The survival of the petrodollar-backed dollar system requires the Anglo-American Empire to rule the world or the dollar system will self destruct. All that’s left for global totalitarian government to consume and for NATO to take over is Russia and China. Not an insignificant task. But it is a must to keep the empire alive.

India is in the process of self-destruction, thanks to the IMF’s control over Modi. So like a big fat plum, India is falling out of the tree into the hands of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their criminal elite associates behind the Military Industrial Complex. I would encourage you to read the work of Jayant Bhandari, who spends a lot of his time in India. You can read Jayant’s latest discussion about the current meltdown of India at the hands of Modi here:

In order for these parasites that own and control the empire to continue to gain power and wealth by printing money out of thin air, they need to continue to control the oil markets. That’s why I’m quite sure Putin is being demonized. Obama tried to seal him off through sanctions, but not only has that not worked, it has backfired by driving Russia and China together in building the New Silk Road, as F. William Engdahl has repeatedly talked about on my radio show. With the sanctions against Russia and Iran backfiring, William has related a view to me that I think makes total sense. He has suggested that “the deep state” has actually begun backing Trump because of his less bellicose attitude toward Putin. Engdahl reasons that “the deep state” is getting very worried about the growing influence of the economic powerhouse growing around the New Silk Road. And I think it is worth noting that no one more closely associated with “the deep state” than Henry Kissinger was one of the first “establishment” people to visit Trump Towers after Trump won the election. And I might add that Mr. Kissinger has been there at least once again, no doubt to keep an eye on important matters to those who control the major parasitic institutions that are increasingly removing power from the people to themselves. By the way, I would encourage you to read the work of William Engdahl, because this prolific writer/historian provides an independent view of history that you will never get in our statist universities, which simply act as propaganda factories.

It seems to me that the Anglo-American Empire is an evil beast that is out of control and that no mere mortal, including Donald Trump, can return it to the Judeo-Christian values upon which a just and equitable society can be organized. In all my years, I have never felt so much concern for the world in which we live, because all of the moral institutions upon which American society was based are now crumbling all around us. It is impossible to say with any certainty how things will turn in 2017. It’s all in the hands of the Creator of the universe. But one thing we do know is that within these four dimensions of time and space, God gave us gold and silver as real money that cannot be debased. Using our God-given intelligence, the only rational behavior we can engage in is to swap morally counterfeit fiat money for the real thing, gold and silver. Of course beyond that, the only rational thing to do is to trust in the Being who gave us life in the first place. And for that we give thanks for Christmas because it reminds us of the great Giver of Life not only within this four-dimensional time-space continuum but through eternity. And it is a gift that was foretold by the great Prophets of the Old Testament, one of whom was Amos. You can read the Christmas story at the end of this week’s letter on page 17. It provides hope beyond and far superior to anything this world has to offer. Now, if that all sounds a bit whacko, may I suggest you consider visiting the site of mainstream old-earth astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross at www.Reasons.Org.

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