Vitamin D Is A Powerful Bullet Against Covid-19

Several recent studies show that Vitamin D is a powerful weapon in preventing and treating covid-19. We all should be taking it.

It’s now been clinically proven that people deficient in Vitamin D are statistically more likely to contract the coronavirus if exposed. And similarly, those with greater Vitamin D levels are statistically less likely to get it.

And a new study out of Spain shows that Vitamin D (via Calcifediol) is one of the most effective treatments that reduces the impact of those infected with covid-19. When combined with a prudent standard of care including early delivery of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, the results are pretty staggering.

How staggering?

Of 50 patients treated this way, only one (2%) required admission to the ICU vs the control group where 50% of patients required admission.

Following the recent insights about the Bradykinin pathway of transmission, we are now really starting to gain the upper hand on understanding effective ways to prevent and treat covid-19. Which should enable us to save lives AND re-open our economies.

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