Vijay Boyapati Explains Why He Was Right About Inflation in 2010 and Bitcoin in 2018

Vijay Boyapati left a lucrative job at Google in 2007 to move to New Hampshire and campaign for Ron Paul. In this episode, Vijay explains why the other Austrians should have listened to him in 2010 when he warned that their inflation predictions were wrong. He also explains his popular 2018 essay, “The Bullish Case for Bitcoin.”

Mentioned in the Episode and Other Links of Interest:
  • Vijay Boyapati’s 2010 article on credit deflation
  • Vijay’s 2018 article on “The Bullish Case for Bitcoin”
  • Bob’s guide (with Silas Barta) to Bitcoin
  • Bob’s article on Hayek on private fiat money
  • Bob explains his botched inflation prediction

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