Twilio is a $5B Tech Darling with Zero Debt, So Why Aren’t You Buying It?

money printingTwilio Inc (NYSE:TWLO) is up 82% from its June IPO and just delivered a heck of a first earnings report as a public company. Yet many people still don’t know it exists.

The reason why? Probably because most investors just don’t understand its business. If you aren’t technically-inclined, Twilio’s company description on Google Finance might as well be in Greek:

Twilio Inc. offers Cloud Communications Platforms. The Company enables developers to build, scale and operate real-time communications within software applications. It Programmable Communications Cloud software enables developers to embed voice, messaging, video and authentication capabilities into their applications via its Application Programming Interfaces.

In layman’s terms, TWLO sells easy-to-use software that helps other companies quickly and simply connect to and interact with other software. It’s like a middle man who makes everything run smoothly, and its customers love it.

And unlike so many other red-hot up-and-coming tech names, Twilio is a public company:

With Twilio, business developers can pick up the key communication components any good app needs and have the code running within days, rather than months. In TWLO stock, investors can pick up a fast-growing company in the business of developing cloud applications, which knows how to monetize them.

Stripe and Github are in the hands of private equity too, but they’re private unicorns like all the rest. Twilio is not incredibly unique in the app economy, or in the cloud market, it may or may not be the next Facebook, but it is that rarest of all unicorns.

It’s one you can buy.

So if you want big-time growth and exposure to cutting-edge cloud computing in your portfolio, Twilio just might be the right fit.

TWLO shares rose $3.96 (+8.13%) to $52.67 in Friday afternoon trading.


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