TONIGHT: ‘Ask Anything’ Coronavirus Live Q&A Webinar #3

What a week!

Covid-19 has been shutting down businesses, schools, sporting events, etc across the world AT THE SAME TIME AS the mother of all market meltdowns is in process.

Since Monday, Chris and I have produced nine (9) full-length videos in our efforts to stay on top of all the fast-evolving action for you.

We usually reserve Fridays for our big report of the week. But to be completely transparent, we just haven’t had any available hours this week to sit down and write.

So instead, we’re going to do another live Q&A for our premium subscribers. Tonight. From 7-8pm ET.

We figure direct access to us on the topics of greatest interest to you is the most valuable thing we can offer right now.

And this time, the lead partners from New Harbor Financial, Peak Prosperity’s endorsed financial advisor, will join us near the end of the  discussion to offer their latest market outlook.

Please let us know in the Comments section below what question(s) you’d like to hear us tackle. We’ll also take more questions live while on the webinar.

So if you’re already a premium Peak Prosperity subscriber, click this blue button to register for tonight’s event:


Don’t worry if you can’t watch live. We’ll post a replay video afterwards on the premium section of

If you’re not yet a premium Peak Prosperity subscriber, you can become one now by clicking here to access the live webinar and/or watch the replay video.


For those wondering “Why is this Q&A restricted to Peak Prosperity’s premium subscribers?”, the are two main reasons:

One — we expect a number of our answers to be our ‘best guesses’ given the incomplete data available. We don’t feel it appropriate to put that kind of speculation out into the public domain.

And Two — one of the many benefits of premium membership is closer access to the experts on this site.

If you’re not yet a premium member but would like becoming one and watch the webinar, click here to subscribe.

And if you choose not to enroll, that’s completely fine. We’ll still continue producing our free daily videos/etc for as long as these twin crises remain fluid.


Adam & Chris

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