Time Is Growing Scarce

Executive Summary

  • The debt bomb waiting to explode is truly staggering in size
  • Key warning signals we’re approaching a late cycle market crash
  • The Fed’s aggressive actions belie its fear that the system is extremely sick
  • How to use the time left to be on the right side of the coming wealth transfer

If you have not yet read Part 1: The End of Money , available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

The Fed is now flat-out lying to us.

Jerome Powell insists that the Fed is not printing more money, is not engaging in QE, and is not directly intervening to make stocks go higher in price. But none of this is true.

In addition, the Fed has reversed course and is steadily cutting rates.  This even as the employment and wage data (if you believe them) have been strong of late.

So what gives? What could be causing this?

Hundreds of billions of dollars, printed and injected at a faster pace than in the depths of the Great Financial Crisis is not exactly a comforting sign.

I am quite certain that something very big is very broken in the background.

Deutsche Bank might be failing.  That’s a distinct possibility here.  Or it could be massive funding flow reversals from… (Enroll now to continue reading)


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