“This Looks Like The Market Peak”

Wolf Interview Video

Stocks, houses, commodities, Bitcoin – the price of nearly everything is up double digits vs last years pre-coronavirus highs. 

Have the trillions in stimulus ushered in a new bull market in, well, everything? Or have they helped blow the biggest asset price bubble in history?

Macro analyst Wolf Richter suspects the latter. And he doesn’t think we have much time left before it bursts.

In an interview with our friend Adam Taggart, Wolf concludes we’re seeing a mania that will likely pop in the same manner as all that have preceded it, he has another reason for expecting lower asset prices ahead.

We are clearly heading down the path towards much higher inflation. 

And in Wolf’s eyes, that will eventually force the Federal Reserve to start tightening at this point — something that seems unimaginable to many today’s market participants, who have come to see the Fed’s 10+ years of easing as an eternal constant. For Wolf’s complete perspective on what’s coming, watch the full interview.