The World of Currency Manipulation

currency1Jeff Nielson:  Why is the U.S. dollar so strong? Currency manipulation. Why did the Russian ruble recently crash to record lows? Currency manipulation. Why did India’s rupee crash to a record low, a year earlier? Currency manipulation. Why are the currencies of most Emerging Market nations trading at absurd discounts in relation to the currencies of the bankrupt economies of the West? Currency manipulation.

Currency manipulation is not a “conspiracy theory”. It goes beyond even conspiracy fact. It is a conspiracy conviction. The Big Banks of the West have been convicted of serially manipulating all of the world’s currencies. And when our blind/deaf/dumb officials were reluctantly forced to prosecute this crime syndicate (because their crimes were so large, and so blatant), they acknowledged that this serial manipulation goes back to at least 2007.

Indeed, it was immediately after the convictions of several of these Big Bank tentacles that the One Bank issued a new memo to its servants in the U.S. Department of ‘Justice’: no more prosecutions, ever. Naturally those corrupt lackeys immediately obliged, with a new, public directive. From now on, the DOJ intended to “combat corporate misconduct” (by the Big Banks) by never again prosecuting corporations.

This is like a medical institute promising to “fight disease”, but refusing to kill any bacteria. It goes beyond the level of even an oxymoron. This is deliberate, systemic corruption. A “justice” department which openly/publicly refuses to prosecute crime. Not just any crime. These are financial crimes, a thousand times larger than anything seen in our previous history, committed again and again and again.

Emphasizing this systemic corruption, of our entire System, we have the corrupt mouthpieces of Bloomberg immediately echoing (and approving of) the DOJ’s proclamation that it would never again prosecute the worst, corporate criminals in History.

The most amazing thing about the Justice Department’s new guidelines on prosecution of corporate crime is that the DOJ is effectively acknowledging there was a big problem with how it did things before.

It’s not just the lackeys in the U.S. Department of Justice who have now concluded that it is a terrible idea to prosecute corporations for “corporate crime”. It’s also the lackeys in the Corporate media. It’s also the lackeys in our pretend-regulators (the SEC hasn’t prosecuted a U.S. Big Bank in over 40 years). It’s also the lackeys in our governments, who appoint these “regulators” and “justice” officials.

However, even in a system already totally rancid with corruption, we still saw occasional, token prosecutions of the banking crime syndicate – where even convictions for the worst financial crimes draw nothing more than small/trivial “fines”. Not anymore. Why not? Because the lackeys dared to wrist-slap these banksters while they were perpetrating their (serial) currency manipulation.

Currency manipulation is more than “big business” for this crime syndicate (in a market which trades in the trillions of dollars per day). It is arguably the most important “business” of this crime syndicate, because without this serial currency manipulation, this entire empire of crime would have already been vaporized – by the banksters’ own, reckless frauds.

Readers have seen this (same) chart on countless, previous occasions. Indeed, some have begun asking why more-recent versions of this chart are not being used.

There are two answers to that question. The first answer is that (as already explained, previously), this is a chart of a currency which has already been hyperinflated – past tense. “Inflation” is an increase in the supply of money. That is the (only) correct, economic definition of that term.

This is a chart of a hyperbolic inflation. It is the literal, mathematical, economic representation of “hyperinflation”, in its most obvious form. Past tense. In this respect, any/all subsequent charts of the U.S. monetary base are irrelevant. This currency is already fundamentally worthless. You can’t go below zero.

However, there is a second reason why readers never see any newer version of this chart. This is the last, legitimate depiction of the U.S. monetary base. Shortly after this time; the St. Louis Fed began todramatically falsify this chart.

The first manner in which the St. Louis Fed falsified its reporting of the U.S. monetary base was to change the scale of the chart itself. The chart above is scaled in decades. A monetary base is supposed to be scaled in such a stable, long-term manner because in any legitimate monetary system, there are never supposed to be large, sudden, dramatic changes.

The chart above represents the catastrophic implosion of a monetary system, via hyperinflation. Past tense. The “new and improved” chart is scaled in years. By dramatically stretching-out the horizontal axis, the obvious hyperinflation seen above was/is no longer obvious. But that is only the first fraud in the more recent representations of this chart.

The Federal Reserve has now begun falsifying the data, itself. It has done so via the fraud of “tapering”, when the Federal Reserve pretended to reduce its money-printing. Follow the bouncing ball.

B.S. Bernanke (officially) printed-up $4 trillion in new funny-money, quintupling the U.S. monetary base (and hyperinflating the currency), as seen above. He did so for the explicit purpose of pumping up U.S. markets, in order to “create a wealth effect”.

What happens when you use a pump to pump-up a balloon, and then you withdraw the pump? The balloon deflates. What happens when you use a money-pump to pump-up markets, and then you supposedly withdraw the money-pump? The markets “deflate” (i.e. crash). But the U.S. bubbles didn’t crash when B.S. Bernanke supposedly commenced “tapering”. They went higher. Ergo, the money-printing never ceased. It never even diminished.

How insanely inflated are the U.S.’s bubble-markets? U.S. stocks are at their all-time, bubble-high, and U.S. bonds are at their all-time, bubble-high – simultaneously. This is economically/mathematically impossible, in any markets with even the slightest legitimacy.

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