The Week in Review: June 11, 2016



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The Week in Review: June 11, 2016

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This week graduate students from around the world gathered at the Mises Institute for our annual Rothbard Graduate Seminar. The subject this year focused on Ludwig von Mises’s seminal treatise Human Action, with the students receiving instruction from Professors Guido Hülsmann, Jeffrey Herbener, David Gordon, Peter Klein, Joseph Salerno, and Mark Thornton. The discussion and debate among both students and faculty has been intense and instructive, with Dr. Salerno noting that he still discovers something new every time he reads Mises’s masterpiece.

As Jeff Deist noted this week, programs such as RGS are a vital part of libertarian strategy. By grooming new generations of Austrian scholars, we continue to keep alive the intellectual torch in the tradition of greats like Mises, Rothbard, and Hayek. And in times like today, where Nobel Prize winning economists are ignorant of basic economic concepts, central bankers work tirelessly to delude themselves of the strength of the economy, and capitalism is being blamed for obesity, civilization desperately needs such scholars to preserve hope for the future.

If you are interested in reading Human Action, but intimidated by its size, here are some excerpts addressing some of Mises’s key points:

  1. The Method of Mises: A Priori and Reality
  2. Mises: The Individual Within Society
  3. Mises: The Case for Reason
  4. Socialism and the Battle of Ideas
  5. Why Socialism Will Always Fail
  6. Mises: The Meaning of Laissez Faire

If you are interested in attending a Mises educational event in the future, details for all events are available at our Events Page.

Last week on Mises Weekends, Jeff made the case against progressives, this week, he turns his attention to the right. While conservatives once stood for judicious use of government power and minding our own business in foreign affairs, today they vote for big-government schemes, favor globalism over real capitalism, and advocate an aggressive foreign policy that installs American troops around the globe. Worst of all, Republicans have created a bloated jobs programs for themselves — Conservatism Inc. — that shows nothing but contempt for its own voting base.

Jeff Deist: The Trouble with Conservatives

Video of Jeff Deist: The Trouble with Conservatives

And in case you missed any of them, here are the articles featured this week on the Mises Wire:

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Jeff Deist: The Trouble with Conservatives

Video of Jeff Deist: The Trouble with Conservatives

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