The Way Out

Executive Summary

  • The #1 reason the entire system will collapse: oil
  • Why the Fed is stuck with the Zombie economy it created
  • How I am hedging against the inflation of the printing press
  • Why we need to be our own heroes in this story — the authorities certainly won’t

If you have not yet read Part 1: One Step removed, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

Our approach at Peak Prosperity is to begin at the top and then work down.  We’ve got a framework for understanding the world and assigning priorities to our actions.

The big picture view is this: infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible.  Yet our entire system of money and our economic systems are all predicated on the idea of infinite growth.  Quite the conundrum, eh?

To me there’s no contest and no conundrum to solve.  Reality wins out every time.  If you overfish the seas and the fisheries collapse, then the reality of that wins out over whatever ‘the market’ demands.   Fish prices could double or quintuple and still no more fish will emerge from the empty sea.

The most basic reality that we all live under – yours truly especially included – is that fossil fuel energy delivers pretty much everything we see around us, everything we consume, and supports everything we do.

Even with some rosy projections for August and September, it’s clear that…



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