The Price Of A Good Idea

Before I make my point, this is a reminder to register now for Peak Prosperity’s upcoming Oct 24-25 digital seminar if you haven’t already.

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Now.. to my point: What is the price of a good idea?

I first heard this question posed back in business school when being encouraged to read voraciously and to seek the counsel of experienced mentors.

Think back on some of the most useful lessons learned over the course of your life. Maybe it was an insight into how to invest smarter. Or how to leverage a key ability of yours better at work. Or a technique for improving your relationships with the important people in your life. Or how to be more effective at managing your valuable time.

Now, if you could magically teach your past self that lesson a decade or two (or three!) sooner in life, how much would you pay for that chance, knowing how valuable that insight will be to the younger you?

Thousands of dollars? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?

The right wisdom gained earlier in life could easily be worth that much, if not significantly more, over the course of your lifetime.

That was the message my business school professors were trying to convey: The more ideas and seasoned advice we expose ourselves to, the higher the likelihood we will come across those valuable gems of insight we can leverage to our lifelong benefit going forward.

I’ve kept this message as the guiding force when producing our upcoming digital seminar: What are the best topics given the times we’re in, and who are the best experts to discuss them, that have the highest probability of revealing the kind of valuable insights that can truly change our lives for the better?

And I’m pleased and proud to report that the seminar itself is shaping up to be seriously amazing.

We’ve created a 2-day event offering dozens of presentations and live Q&A sessions with the smartest thinkers we know on how to protect your money, your home, your health and your community in the post-covid era.

Committed presenters include:


When you register, you’ll receive full access to the live Zoom event on Oct 24-25th, as well as replay videos of every presentation to watch and re-watch after the seminar is over. Plus, you’ll receive hours of bonus video presentations from additional experts that we simply couldn’t cram into a single weekend.

It’s MUCH more content than we’ve ever been able to share at a seminar before and — because covid has created such financial hardship for so many — we’re pricing it at, by far, the LOWEST we ever have. We want you and as many people as possible to benefit from these critical insights!

If you register now, you’ll still receive our ‘Last Chance To Save’ pricing of $199. But don’t delay, as the price of the seminar rises to its full retail rate of $249 on Oct 17.

AND, if you’re a Peak Prosperity premium subscriber, you receive an additional 15% discount. Just make sure you’re logged in to the site when making your purchase.

So, back to the main point of this post. If you only get just one single valuable good idea out of this seminar, odds are it will be an extreme bargain given the current ticket price.

But imagine if we do our job right and you get dozens of high-value insights out of this event. Then your return on investment on this seminar becomes truly epic.

Don’t miss this highly curated learning experience we’ve created for you on Oct 24-25th. Chris and I look forward to seeing you there.

But first, lock in your seat!


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