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The Metals Investor Forum Was a Smashing Success

The latest Metals Investor Forum (MIF) held on January 20 and January 21 was another smashing success. In fact, as word has spread of the high quality of these events, even larger cap companies are sowing an interest in participating. For example, to my surprise, Osisko Gold Royalties requested entrance at this past conference and received it, as co-founder of MIF, Eric Coffin covers that company in his letter. When Osisko requested to be included, they also asked that Falco Resources, a company that I cover be included in the latest MIF. (Osisko owns 16%) of Falco Resources)  Covering Falco in this letter, I would have been happy to invite them to this conference in the past but given that MIF generally focuses on earlier stage, lower market cap companies, I expected they would not be interested in attending. But word of the high quality of this event has gotten out, not only to larger companies but also to investors. This time the number of pre-registrants grew to the point where they had to stop accepting more registrants. Those who missed out could put their name on a list, but only if someone ducked out could they gain entrance. 

Credit for the success of this event goes to Eric Coffin (pictured above) and his partner Scott Gibson. If I understand them correctly they really want to avoid getting bigger because they fear that doing so could reduce the quality of that event. Most conferences I have been a part of in the past have had little regard for the quality of companies that attend the show. As long as their checks didn’t bounce and they were not in some kind of criminal or regulatory trouble, they were allowed in the door. But this conference is different because only the companies that are invited by the participating newsletter writers are invited. And the newsletter writers who participate are only those who generate company reports only for their paid subscribers. In other words, newsletter writers who are paid a nice fee to say nice things about companies are not involved in this conference.

So founders Scott Gibson and Eric Coffin have made it their goal to keep this event one of very high quality and it is paying off for companies as well as investors. From my point of view, there are two criteria that go into recommending that a company be invited to this show. First, in my view, they need to be relatively undervalued relative to others on my list, and secondly, I like to invite different companies so that we don’t see the same ones at each conference. Then I pass the names along to Scott and Eric and if they are okay with the company an invitation is sent out.

In the near future, I am planning to do an interview with one or two of the MIF newsletter writers pictured below every week and post those podcasts at www.JayTaylorMedia. Not pictured below is Brent Cook, who didn’t speak at this last MIF but will be included in my podcast interviews. His colleague Joe Mazumdar spoke but I expect to interview Brent and/or Joe once every month on my podcasts. I will keep you all posted on this new project. 

Left to right: Brien Lundin,  Eric Coffin,   Gwen Preston,      Jay Taylor,       Joe Mazumdar,  John Kaiser,    Jordan Roy-Byrne 

For now, you can view the January 20 and 21 speeches made by each of these newsletter writers by clicking the links below:

Brien Lundin – “Where’s Gold Going in 2017?”
Eric Coffin – “Shifting Perspectives Will Drive 2017”
Gwen Preston  – “Rational Gold. Confident Zinc.” (Friday, Jan 20)
Gwen Preston  – “Recap of Companies I Follow” (Saturday, Jan 21)
Joe Mazumdar – “Entering the Twilight Zone”
John Kaiser – “Betting on Discovery Exploration”
Jordan Roy-Byrne – “Gold Building Towards 2018 Launch”
Jay  Taylor – “A Tectonic Shift in Markets Is Underway”

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