The Last Alarm Clock You’ll Ever Need to Own

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Clocks are useless if you have a smartphone, so we have to consider the Tweet Clock a piece of pure whimsical art. There’s no reason to own it except that it is beyond charming and runs on a technology more than 500 years old — a windup spring clock drive.

Ancient technology keeps this clock running without the need for wires or batteries.

The bonus is that if you use it, you won’t wake up to the lame choices smartphones offer you for tones. This clock wakes you up with a bird tweeting its heart out. But it’s not a cheesy microchip synthetic sound — it’s a mechanical tweeting device on top of the clock, and it waves a feather at you. In keeping with the ancient technology, there are no batteries. The windup lasts three days.

How is such a thing marketable in 2015? First, the design is brilliant. Second, the retro technology just adds to the experience. If you’re wondering how a simple alarm clock can be so compelling, watch the following video. Seeing and hearing is understanding.

The Tweet Clock is designed by British artist Martin Smith. His architectural installations are extraordinary, but his real genius is making things that operate on clock drives. His applause machines that clap for you are my favorites. Visit his website to see more.

The clock costs $75 and available from Kikkerland Design.

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The post The Last Alarm Clock You’ll Ever Need to Own appeared first on Daily Reckoning.