The Edge of the Fed’s Planned Economic Chaos

Dan Oliver and Michael Oliver make return visits on this week’s program.

Following 2008-09 it is clear that the Federal Reserve is doing all in can to destroy capitalism. By manipulating interest rates, it disallows the pricing of capital. Because politicians and policy makers do not allow savers and investors to know what the true price of capital is, capital, the lifeblood of capitalism, is being drained from the system. By denying capital to be priced, parasitic elite is becoming ever wealthier as the middle class is inexorably relegated to serfdom.

How much longer can this carnage go on before a horrific deflationary depression or an inflationary explosion results? And what will all this mean for honest money, namely gold and silver? Dan Oliver will opine and Michael Oliver will update us on what his latest momentum charts are telling him with respect to gold, stocks and bonds. Time permitting; your editor will share some exciting tech stocks he and Chen Lin are excited about.

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Michael Oliver-newDan Oliver is the Director of Committee for Monetary Research and Education, a non-profit educational organization that seeks to promote greater public understanding of the nature of monetary processes and of the central role that a healthy monetary system plays in the well-being, indeed, in the very survival of a free society. He is also the founder and Managing Director of Myrmikan Capital, LLC. Dan was previously a Partner at Bearing Capital LLC, an asset management firm specializing in Latin American energy, commodity and infrastructure projects.

Mr. Oliver has a MBA from INSEAD (2004-2005), a JD, Law from Columbia University of Law (1998-2001) and a BA, Philosophy, English from Vanderbilt University (1992-1996).

Dan OliverJ. Michael Oliver entered the financial services industry in 1975 on the Futures side, joining E.F. Hutton’s International Commodity Division, NYC. He studied under David Johnson, head of Hutton’s Commodity Division and Chairman of the COMEX.

In the 1980’s Oliver began to develop his own momentum-based method of technical analysis. In 1987 Oliver, along with his futures client accounts (Oliver had trading POA) technically anticipated and captured the Crash. Oliver began to realize that his emergent momentum-structural-based tools should be further developed into a full analytic methodology.

In 1992 he was asked by the Financial VP and head of Wachovia Bank’s Trust Department to provide soft dollar research to Wachovia. Within a year Oliver shifted from brokerage to full-time technical research. MSA has provided its proprietary technical research services to financial and asset management clients continually since 1992. Oliver is the author of The New Libertarianism: Anarcho-Capitalism.

About Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor is editor of J Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter. His interest in the role gold has played in U.S. monetary history led him to research gold and into analyzing and investing in junior gold shares. Currently he also hosts his own one-hour weekly radio show Turning Hard Times Into Good Times,” which features high profile guests who discuss leading economic issues of our day. The show also discusses investment opportunities primarily in the precious metals mining sector. He has been a guest on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg and BNN and many mining conferences.