The Covid-19 Wave 2 Preparation Guide

Executive Summary

  • The lessons from 1918/1919 as well as H1 2020
  • Why preparing a few weeks/months too early is vastly preferable to a day too late
  • Our top key takeaways from Wave 1 that apply to preparing for Wave 2
  • Additional resources to improve the success of your preparation efforts

If you have not yet read Part 1: What If A Covid-19 Wave 2 Happens During A Natural Disaster?, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

A growing chorus of readers have been asking Chris and me for a covid-19 Wave 2 prep guide that builds upon the recommendations made in our urgent publications from February and March. Now that we’ve been through Wave 1, what new preparations would we emphasize?

Given the high degree of reader interest as well as our strong belief that the time to prepare for adversity is well before it arrives, we’ve compiled the below critical insights. Sitting in our Monday Morning quarterback seats, this report reveals what Chris and I assess are some of the most important Wave 1 lessons to bring with us in anticipation of Wave 2.

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One — we reserve our best analysis and most directive guidance for the paying members whose financial support makes operating this site possible. Also, given that some of this material is our “best guess” thinking, especially in regards to the current research on medical options for effectively treating covid-19, we’re only willing to share that with this private audience. We wouldn’t feel comfortable having that level of speculation out in the public realm.

And Two — one of the many benefits of premium membership is closer access to the experts on this site.

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