The 3-minute Alternative Fuels Quiz

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Think you know everything there is to know about other fuel sources? Take our quick quiz to find out.

(See below for answers)

  1. Which is the easiest fuel to find for a car that doesn’t run on gasoline?
  1. Electricity from charging stations
  2. Liquid propane
  3. E85 (85% ethanol)
  4. Compressed natural gas
  5. Hydrogen
  1. How many gallons of diesel and gasoline are burned in the United States each year from engines idling?
  1. 80 million gallons
  2. 800 million gallons
  3. 8 billion gallons
  1. Which form of transportation gets the highest miles per gallon per passenger?
  1. Motorcycle
  2. Airline
  3. Amtrak
  4. City bus
  5. Commuter train
  1. How many gallons of fuel does the average garbage truck consume per year in the U.S.? (Hint: The average automobile uses 483 gallons, and the average delivery truck uses 1,900 gallons.)
  1. 1,000 gallons
  2. 2,000 gallons
  3. 5,000 gallons
  4. 10,000 gallons
  5. 15,000 gallons
  1. How many miles does a typical semi truck (18-wheeler) travel each year? (Hint: The average delivery truck travels 13,000 miles per year.)
  1. 25,000 miles
  2. 35,000 miles
  3. 45,000 miles
  4. 55,000 miles
  5. 65,000 miles


  1. Answer: #1 — There are more than 10,000 electric charging stations, with about 23,000 outlets. There are 2,800 LPG pumps, 2,600 E85 pumps, 800 CNG stations and about 50 hydrogen pumps.
  1. Answer: #3 — 8 billion gallons.
  1. Answer: #3 — a passenger train is the highest, at 57, and then the motorcycle at 51, the airline at 50, the commuter train at 44 and the city bus at 32. (All fuels converted to gasoline miles equivalent.)
  1. Answer: #4 — The average refuse truck consumes nearly 10,000 (gasoline equivalent) gallons per year.
  1. Answer: #5 — 65,000 miles

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The post The 3-minute Alternative Fuels Quiz appeared first on Daily Reckoning.