Tesla Already Has a Big Corporate Customer for its Trucks That Don’t Exist Yet

tesla-logoElectric vehicle giant Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) already has a huge customer for its planned driverless trucks, which are still several years away from making it to market.

A certain Danish trucking CEO is excited about Tesla’s plans to produce heavy trucks, and wants to fully replace his massive fleet within the next five to ten years. From Bloomberg:

The chief executive officer of the Nordic region’s biggest road transport company predicts the trucks he relies on can start operating without drivers within the next 5-10 years.

Jens Bjoern Andersen, who drives a Tesla to work every day, giving him a first-hand view of how the technology is advancing, says the know how is already there. His company, DSV A/S, is looking into the opportunities that self-driving trucks will create for the world’s fourth-largest freight forwarder.

“All we need is the regulatory steps and perhaps a fine-tuning of the technology,” Andersen said in a phone interview. “Sometimes, when I drive home from work, I go most of the way almost without touching the break or the gas and I only need to hold my hands on the steering wheel because the law says I must. But the technology is already there.”

Andersen’s company boasts a fleet of over 20,000 trucks operating throughout northern Europe every day. Driverless trucks would mean the loss of many driving jobs, but the support system to maintain the trucks and delivery routes would remain.

Now that Tesla has a big-time customer lined up for its trucks, all it needs is to do is actually produce them. The company has struggled with production of its limited lineup of cars, but management said they’ve turned a corner and will manufacture many more vehicles moving forward.

Tesla shares closed at $230.03 on Friday, down $0.58 (-0.25%). The stock has fallen 4.16% year-to-date, but is up 63% from its February lows around $141 per share.


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