Takeaways From This Year’s Amazing Peak Prosperity Seminar

Chris’ and my favorite event of the year is the annual Peak Prosperity seminar, where we get to gather in person with members of the PP tribe in beautiful northern California.

But of course, due to covid, that wasn’t possible this year.

So, this past weekend, for the first time ever, we held the event digitally.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. How would the experience translate over Zoom, without the magic of being physically together?

Well, I’m relieved and thrilled to report that the seminar exceeded my hopes and expectations.

Yes, it would have been even better if we’d been allowed to congregate in person. But I was pleased by how effective Zoom is for enabling our presenters to deliver a high-quality learning experience. And I was shocked, pleasantly, with how the real-time audience interaction within Zoom allowed for a great deal more community and intimacy than I’d expected.

In short, doing this event digitally allowed us to assemble more higher-calibur expert speakers than we’d ever been able to before. And it enabled nearly 10x as many people to participate than with our in-person events.

From my perspective, the weekend was a home run.

But don’t just take my word for it. When asked at the end of the seminar to rate the event on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10 (fantastic), every responder but two rated it a “10”. Of those two outliers, one rated us a “9.5”. But since the other rating was a “25”, I think we can claim victory here….  ?

My favorite piece of feedback from the weekend came from someone who corralled their partner into watching the seminar with them: “My spouse says this conference is the bomb, on steroids, times ten:)

Man, to an event producer, feedback doesn’t get any better than that…

I’ll now give a few of my top takeaways from the event. And I encourage readers who attended the seminar to share theirs, too, in the Comments section below.


The day began with Chris’ presentation The Road Ahead: The Defining Trends Of The Next Decade, which was a romp through the latest data on the Three E’s and where we currently are in that story. We started with this in order to get the audience all onto the same page and to understand the context for the remaining presentations to follow.

Next was Mike Maloney, the great showman, who made the bulletproof case that the world’s fiat money regimes are destined to end in currency crisis — and likely quite soon. The visuals in his presentation Back To The Future: What Gold (and Silver) Predict Is Coming are worth the price of the seminar, alone.

Chris then returned to update folks on his latest analysis of the coronavirus pandemic in Everything You Need To Know About Covid-19. Very important: he shared more detail than ever on the treatment regimen he would follow 1) to avoid getting sick, 2) if he suspected he was exposed, and 3) if he indeed contracted the virus.

Then we were treated to a “fly on the wall” discussion between Danielle DiMartino Booth and Axel Merk, both of whom have inside access to the people running the Federal Reserve. In The Fed: The Elephant In The Room, they reveal they share the same sad conclusion that the Fed really doesn’t have a plan to get out of the mess it’s in (a mess of its own creation) and is pretty much just playing for time, trying to delay the inevitable, painful repercussions of its failed policy.

An Off The Cuff roundtable then followed among John Rubino, Wolf Richter and Charles Hugh Smith (moderated by Chris) focused on Covid’s Impact on the 2021 Economy. This ended in a rousing live Q&A with the audience.

Sven Henrich then led the audience through a flood of charts and data in Where The Market Is Headed, Technically-Speaking, forecasting where the financial markets are most likely to go in the near-term.

This was followed by Grant Williams, who emphasized in The Investor’s Dilemma the critical transition the economy is now making, from decades of deflation into a new secular inflationary era. This changes the playbook for investors, most of whom have no experience investing in an inflationary economy.

At this point, the day shifted away from the challenges we face and towards the solutions we should pursue to meet them.

On the Money side, hard assets are a clear part of that solution set, so Jeff Clark led the audience in his presentation Riding The Gold Bull: Ways To Invest in the precious metals, while Craig Wichner demystified Sustainable Farmland Investing.

The official programming on Day 1 concluded with an hour-long no-holds-barred live audience Q&A with our assembled Money panel, with experts on investing, real estate, farmland, precious metals and estate planning.

But then we let our hair down and gave viewers a surprisingly personal view into the lives of many of the day’s speakers, including sharing what their “red pill” moment was that put them on the path to becoming who they are today. It was both fun and fascinating to be this intimate with so many respected minds.


Day 2 was all about the OTHER important aspects of wealth and resilient living beyond Money. Notably your Health, your Home, and your Relationships.

We began the day with Lisa Bedford of SurvivalMom.com sharing the fundamentals of emergency preparation in Emergency Prep for the New Normal, with a focus on what new to do in the age of covid-19. Lots of great insights in the live Q&A that ensued.

Then we were treated to a stand-up-out-of your-chair-and-applaud inspiring presentation by “America’s farmer”, Joel Salatin, who broke down all of the ass-backward shortcomings of today’s modern food systems in Food Resilience: Demand It! .

Once the calls of “Joel for President!” died down enough, Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser from Singing Frogs Farms then blew our minds with Food Resilience: Grow It! sharing their success using “no till” farming, giving every backyard gardener in the audience priceless insights for growing healthier food more successfully.

And why do we care about eating healthy food? Well, to be healthy ourselves, of course. Dr. Rich Stagliano then led us through The Pillars of Functional Health explaining how — at ANY age — we can improve our destiny by adopting health behaviors that restore vitality, remove pain, and increase quality of life.

After an excellent live audience Q&A with Joel, Rich and the Kaisers, longtime Peak Prosperity member and 19-year police force veteran Tom Cairns shared his thoughts on Staying Safe During Today’s Time Of Unrest. Personal safety and home security has suddenly become a key concern in 2020, and Tom did a great job offering advice for the changes he’s now seeing.

Since the usual Gottman-trained therapist who speaks on relationship success at our seminars had a conflict this year, my wife Ashley Taggart, also a Gottman-trained licensed MFT, stepped in to pitch hit. She detailed a number of success strategies for Building Resilient Relationships, explaining how the stresses of 2020 are putting more strain on couples and families than ever before. I thought she did great, though I’m a biased source — but from the live chat comments, it seems the audience felt the same ?

As energy is big focus here at Peak Prosperity, we were lucky to have expert Bruce Sullivan of the Zero Energy Home Project walk us through a very practical Home Energy audit of all of the ways to reduce your home’s energy footprint.

The seminar concluded in an extremely valuable workshop on with coaching guru Joe Stumpf. As Chris and I often say, “information without action is useless”. Joe walked us through a hour-long guided Designing Your Resilient Life personal work exercise that helped each person develop clarity around their most important resilient-building goals, the obstacles currently standing in the way, and the actions needed to overcome them. We hardly ever give ourselves that kind of focused time to clarify our thinking like that. It was a gift.

So, if you attended the seminar, please share any additional takeaway you had from the experience in the Comments section below.

And if you didn’t attend, but wish you had, you’re in luck! Every presentation from the weekend was recorded — so you can enjoy the entire experience on demand.

The replay of the entire seminar, plus additional 6 bonus videos we couldn’t squeeze into the weekend itself, are available for just $199 (only $149 if you’re a current Peak Prosperity premium subscriber).

To get access, just click the button below:



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