The Historic Bull Market Faces Off Against Steel Tariffs

Today marks the ninth anniversary of the stock bull market, the second longest since World War II following the spectacular run in the 1990s that finally met its match when the tech bubble burst in March 2000. The current expansion, which some consider the “most hated bull market in history,” […]

Are Trump’s Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Good for America?

President Donald Trump’s proposed tariff on imported steel and aluminum, at 25 percent and 10 percent, is much more than a shot across the bow. Indeed, this could be the official kickoff of the trade war we all anticipated. The protectionist trade policy, announced this week as the president met […]

A Double Whammy Deep Sixes The Dollar

And now… Today’s A Pfennig For Your Thoughts… March 2, 2018 * ECB to keep everything the same next week? * New steel tariffs to be announced? Good Day… And a Happy Friday to one and all… Whew! I’m worn out! I did a lot of walking yesterday, for me […]