Continued Loss of Purchasing Power

What are we to make of this week’s major market moves? With stocks down, it suggests a risk-off week. But then we note that the Commodities measured by the Rogers Raw Materials Index gained 1.17% or nearly what the S&P lost. Thanks to the Rogers Fund gain combined with rises […]

Which Safe Havens Will Dominate In 2020?

On January 18th I presented again at the Metals Investor Forum.  I really like this Forum because it allows a more intimate contact with the companies and investors and you are not overcome by the sheer number of companies presenting there. Likewise, all the companies invited to present at the […]

Safe Havens Come Bank With A Vengence!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts January 27, 2020 * Currencies have an awful day on Friday… * Gold is kicking tail and taking names later! Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! As I left you last week, I said I didn’t know if I would get a letter […]

Dollar Weakness Could Be the Catalyst Commodities Are Looking For

It’s that time of year again! Near the start of every year, I share with you our ever-popular Periodic Table of Commodity Returns, now updated to reflect the final results of 2019. To view the interactive table and download a copy of your own, click here. Commodities as a whole […]

Divergence of Gold And Bitcoin – Whis is the True Safe Haven?

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the US Congress to discuss his new Libra project and to attempt to calm concerns related to his new global alternate currency project.  It appears this project is putting global political leaders in a particularly powerful position of either accepting the Libra project as a […]