How To Use A ‘Collar’ To Protect Your Portfolio Against Losses

How can we protect our portfolio against losses when stocks are in a correction?  Or even if stocks are not currently in a correction?   There are many schools of thought on that.  One way is to close positions and wait for more bullish times on the sidelines.  But that may […]

Death, Taxes, and Time Decay

Few things are certain in life.  But as the old saying goes, there is nothing quite so certain as “death and taxes”.  As an Options Trader, I would enthusiastically add option time decay to that list.   Options offer traders and investors more leverage and risk mitigation than just purchasing […]

How to Protect Your Positions From A Market Sell-Off Using Options

Today we are going to explore how you can use options to hedge against a sudden market reversal. As you know I am going to be launching a new options service with an options specialist, Neil Szczepanski, shortly so you should start seeing more and more research on options from […]

Three More Reasons We Love To Trade Options

Hi everyone, it’s me Neil Szczepanski again and I’m back to finish off telling you why I love to trade options! If you missed the first half of this article entitled “5 Reasons Why People Prefer To Trade Options Over Stocks” then click on the title to revisit it.  In […]

Options Trading Specialist Shares his story and strategies

Hi everyone, it’s Chris Vermeulen here. Over the years, I have covered a lot about investing, swing trading, and technical analysis in these articles. Today I have exciting news and fresh trading content you are going to love. Many of you trade options around the free trades and setup articles […]