The IMF Call For… A New Bretton Woods!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts October 19, 2020 * Friday was a down day, today looks good though * Weekly Jobless Claims rise again last week!  Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you… It’s a rainy Monday here, here and usually, rainy days and Mondays always get me down, […]

The Dollar Bugs Retreat Further….

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   September 29, 2020   * The overnight markets sell dollars!  * What up with the weakness?   Good Day… And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! Well, I tried something new for today… I got an instacart app, ordered our groceries and today I go […]

Corona Strikes Back In Europe. Will It Boost Gold?

The number of new daily infections in Europe is rapidly increasing, even reaching new heights in several countries. That is just another reminder that the second wave in fall or winter is upon us. Yes, I know. You are all fed up reading about the coronavirus. And yet, the coronavirus […]

American Exceptionalism Is Real

Nearly 120 years ago, an American engineer named Willis Carrier invented the very first electrical air conditioner. The device was such a hit that he founded the Carrier Corporation in 1915 to meet demand, making it the world’s first HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) company. Fast forward to today, […]

Are We Heading for a Second Wave of Lockdowns?

“I cannot emphasize how important this could be.” That’s Dr. Sam Parnia, a doctor and professor at the Grossman School of Medicine at New York University. What he was reacting to is news that a cheap drug, dexamethasone, has reportedly been shown to reduce deaths among COVID-19 patients on ventilators […]

Texas Leads the Nation in Reopening Its Economy

Today is “reopening” day for Texas, home state of U.S. Global Investors. Restaurants, retail stores and malls can now open their doors to customers again, so long as occupancy is kept at 25 percent of what it normally would be. In metropolitan areas such as San Antonio, social distancing and […]

A Perspective on the Coronavirus

Just some thoughts as I’m trying to put this Chinese virus in perspective. While I understand that COVID-19 is very dangerous, I was trying to put it in some kind of larger picture in my thinking. In 2017 2.7 million people died from all causes in the U.S. I think […]

Make America Go Back to Work Again?

The world watches as a number of economies begin, or plan, to lift certain lockdown measures that were earlier put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus. China may have been the first to do so last week when it reopened Wuhan, the industrial city of 11 million […]

Gilead Drug May Cure COVID-19 But Won’t Save the Markets

Big news out today on CNBC about Gilead drug cured all 125 people from serious COVID-19 conditions within 5 days, This is amazing to hear, stocks are popping today up 3-5% which is to be expected for this type of news but the damage to the financial markets has already […]

16.7 Million People Apply For Unemployment In 3 Weeks!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   April 13, 2020   * Dollar gets sold on Friday, as currencies & Gold rally! * 2006 revisited Saturday night!    Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you… I originally came back from Florida because I had a scan scheduled for last week. […]

Bob Moriarty’s Thoughts on Coronavirus

My friend Bob Moriarty published a fascinating article at and Streetwise Reports . He mentions a lot of good points, but another one of my friends, one that I also respected very highly for his knowledge and even handed critique, after reading the same article commented the following points, […]

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

For the billions of observant Christians and Jews across the globe, Holy Week is the most religious time of the year. Whereas Christians observe and celebrate Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, Jews commemorate the Hebrews’ exodus from enslavement in Egypt to the Promised Land. In both cases, it’s a time of […]

All Heck Breaks Loose!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts March 30, 2020 * Currencies finish the week on a high note! * Chuck tries to make heads or tails of what’s going on… Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well, after visiting the Port St. Lucie Wound Center on Thursday, and seeing […]

Johns Hopkins Hospital – Information about Coronavirus

A friend of mine sent me this new information coming from Johns Hopkins Hospital (their website is extremely informative too) that seems very helpful and try to provide answers to many of our questions. So I am passing it along. New information coming from Johns Hopkins Hospital. Copied.. IMPORTANT […]

Congress and the Fed Just Opened the Stimulus Floodgates

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, as they say, and this past week has been nothing if not total confirmation of that adage. As of Friday morning, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. stood at more than 86,000. That’s now more than any other nation on earth, […]

A $10 Trillion Response to the Global Pandemic

This week I was introduced to a board game called Pandemic. In the game, players are up against the clock to find the cure to viral outbreaks and contain them before they spread across the entire globe. What makes Pandemic especially unique is that, unlike most games, it’s cooperative. Players […]

Currency Carnage

Mike Maloney has never been one to hold back when it comes to the madness of ‘floating’ fiat currencies. In this update you’ll see that rather than floating, they are all in ‘free-fall’ when measured against true money, gold and silver. As a bonus, check out Mike’s tie fashion from […]

The Dollar Bugs Keep Kicking Sand In The Faces of Currencies and Metals

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts March 17, 2020 * The Coronavirus has basically shut down the Chinese economy! * Another engineered price takedown of Gold yesterday… Good Day… And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! And a Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, as it’s St. Patrick’s Day! I was […]

The Fed Slashes Rates To Near Zero!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts March 12, 2020 * The Fed also implements a bond buying program! * And Morgan Stanley says, “it’s Time to sell dollars!” Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well, everything is shutting down, schools, baseball, all sports for that matter, social groups of […]

Should You Buy the Panic?

If anyone has the right to say “I told you so,” it’s Bill Gates. Two years ago, the co-founder, former CEO and now former board member of Microsoft urged governments to step up their preparedness in the event of a modern global pandemic. Such an event, Gates warned, could conceivably […]