Bitcoin Soars, Gold Declines

Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin surpassed $16,000. What does it mean for the gold market? The rally in Bitcoin continues. On Thursday, the cryptocurrency climbed above $16,000, gaining about 60 percent in one week and more than 2000 percent over the last year. As one can see below, the chart […]

Big Crypto Update: Could Bitcoin Hit $50,000?

In his latest video, Mike Maloney ponders the questions ‘Could Bitcoin hit $50,000 in the next couple of months?’ and also, ‘Is Bitcoin in a bubble and could it crash?’ You may be surprised to hear how Mike answered these questions and the action he has taken accordingly. Watch Now […]

Bitcoin Might Test All-time High

Is Bitcoin in bubble territory? Certainly, the price pattern this year looks like an exponential one, at least locally, but there are also opposing views. In an article on CNBC, we read: [William] Bernstein is a neurologist who began writing about investing in the 1990s, soon becoming a best-selling author […]