The extinction of gold derivatives

Goldmoney Insights This month is the fiftieth anniversary of the Nixon shock, when the Bretton Woods agreement was suspended. And the expansion of commercial banking into credit for purely financial activities became central to the promotion of the dollar as the international replacement for gold. With the introduction of Basel […]

Banking faces seismic changes

Goldmoney Insights  The role of commercial banks in the global economy is changing, with lending to governments and their agencies now more important than lending to goods and services industries. It is a trend which is due to continue. The new Basel 3 regulations seem set to encourage this trend, […]

Could Basel 3 Send Gold To Higher Ground?

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts June 8, 2021 * Currencies & metals rallied in the U.S. on Monday * Wages in the U.S. are soaring higher…  Good day… And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! Well, the doc called yesterday after my bloodwork was run through the gauntlet, and told […]

The end of paper gold and silver markets

Goldmoney Insights – May 20, 2021 This article looks at the likely consequences of the Bank for International Settlements’ introduction of the net stable funding requirement (NSFR) for bank balance sheets, insofar as they apply to their positions in gold, silver and other commodity markets. If they are introduced as […]

The end of the LBMA is nigh

Goldmoney Staff asel 3 is on course to regulate the LBMA out of existence. And with it will go all the associated arbitrage business and position-taking on Comex, because most bullion bank trading desks will cease to exist. The only supply to buy-side speculators of gold and silver contracts will […]