Syria’s Sarim Gas Attack – What Is True And What Is False?

I still don’t know whom to trust.  I have never been good at science and did not have a pre defined idea as to whether Bashar al-Assad was the one deploying Sarin gas or not.  It always seems to me despicable for someone to gas the opposite faction or anyone for that matter whether he stands on the right or the left.  But when I read Bill Tatros article of April 11 that you can read in full at, it makes you stop and think.

This is the part that I thought most interesting and food for thought (for those who care to think at all):

“…Once again I, we, are asked to suspend the laws of Science.

Via social media we were brought up close and personal to the horrors of the Sarin gas attack.  We also got to see the first responders, the White Helmets, who brought some degree of comfort to those men, women and children who were dying, about to die or already deceased.  My compassion knew no bounds.  What also grabbed my attention was the immediacy of the response team to such a horrific event.  In fact they were so quickly on the scene that they obviously put their own safety at risk.  Most White Helmeteers wore only sandals with no socks.  Their masks were the kind most Asian’s wear in airports.  They had no covering over their street clothes.  Finally, not one person wore gloves as they touched the poison laden clothes and bodies of the attackees.

Sarin gas does not dissipate on contact.  It is not a one and done.  Simply put ALL White Helmets should either be dead or close to it.  However acclaimed Science Professors McCain, Graham, Clinton and Trump would once again have us suspend the physical properties of Sarin gas and the laws of science so they can all justify the Dr. Strangelove moment.  No White Helmet dead, sick, or even bothered by the residual effects of the Sarin gas.  How amazing.

Once again we must check our common sense at the door and blindly accept what is spewed to us.  For anyone with any Science background that also must be suspended.  Who needs scientific facts anyway?…

I leave your logical mind to draw conclusions…


Food for Thought or Not (or Ramblings from an Innocent Bystander)