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Announcing STRAIGHT UP – Our New Podcast Series

After listening to our tribe who have strongly expressed their appreciation for our audio podcasts.  We get it;  listening fits into many people’s active lives more easily than reading.

Because of this we’re a new way to engage with our published material.

We’ve got our Off The Cuff podcast for our insiders where each week your host Dr. Chris Martenson will speak with a guest about whatever is current or on their minds that week.

And we’ve got our Featured Voices podcast which is always public and always has some amazing guest or another covering a very wide range of subjects.

We’re now introducing a third offering which is Straight Up! – a podcast where Chris reads his latest works.  This will have two parts one public and one for our insider subscribers.  This may also include times where Chris reads from an article while breaking now and then to provide commentary.

The inaugural set of podcasts cover The Company Store and It’s Time To Respond.  If you’ve already read them, and don’t want to listen, that’s fine (although the Insider version includes some extra embellishment).  But if you’ prefer your content in audio, or would like to hear this material for a second time, or especially if you know someone who might consume the content in this format but not otherwise, then listen or share.

We got a lot of really positive support for these pieces and our specific request is that you share them and send them around to anybody who you think might be opening to listening to them.

Like all of our podcasts, whether public or for insiders, you’ll be able to download them and listen to them however and whenever works best for you.

If you have any suggestions or topics you’d love to see covered, put them in the comments below, and we’ll see about getting to them.

Like anything, Straight Up! is an experiment.  If you enjoy it, and value it, let us know.  If there are ways to improve it, or any of our other offerings, let us know.  We’re always improving.

Listen to Straight Up – The Company Store – Audio Version

Click the above link to listen in!


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