Store Gold in Minced Meat? 26 Ways to Store Gold

If you buy and take delivery of gold bars or gold coins and want to keep your gold close at hand in your own home, you will still need to ensure that it is safely stored on your property, preferably in a hidden location that only you and close family members are aware of. There are many hiding places in a house or on a property to store gold, some more sensible than others.

Taking gold into your possession may seem like a good idea at the time, but gold storage strategy is not just a secondary consideration, as a storage location must be one that that is secure and that will not be obvious to burglars, or other intruders. Beyond the home storage options, storing your gold in the secure vault of a precious metals storage provider such as BullionStar in Singapore is both convenient and cost efficient, and will will also give piece of mind to those who are not comfortable storing gold on their own properties.

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