Stocks at record highs… will it last?


Do you remember last December? 

The stock market wasn’t the raging bull it is today.

It was reeling from a sharp correction. All the gains of the year were quickly erased on Trade War fears and investors’ waning confidence in the Fed’s decision to raise rates for the 10th time since the Great Recession.

How times have changed…

One year… three Fed rate cuts… and a bailed-out Treasury repo market later and the Dow is inching towards 30,000. 
That’s a 30% gain in 12 months… tripling the annual rate of return for the past 90 years.

No one saw that astronomical rise in stocks coming last December.

But that’s the reality we live in today.  Today’s market is ruled by the Fed.

It’s mission: inflate… and keep history’s longest economic expansion going…

So far it’s working.

Money is flowing through financial system…

And there’s no slowdown or recession in sight.

In fact, since President Trump was elected (and prodded the Fed to pump markets), there have been 103 all-time record highs set for the stock market.

Will this last?

Are we on the verge of another leg-up in the longest bull market in history? Will stocks keep going higher… defying lackluster earnings… declining GDP growth… and already sky-high valuations? 

Or – is it all a mirage?

A way for central bankers to calm the waters… and hide the deep undercurrent of asset bubbles and unserviceable debt swelling underneath?

To answer these questions…

and help you make sense of it all… founder Mike Maloney joined our friends at Peak Prosperity for a free, special video event aptly named, “WTF: What the Fed?!”

Perhaps no team is better cutting through economic distortions and explaining what’s really happening than Peak Prosperity. 

“[Central bankers] have proven themselves to be serial bubble blowers”

– Chris Martenson during WTF: What the Fed?!

Mike has long endorsed their work starting with the Crash Course, a landmark presentation created by Peak Prosperity founders Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart that educated millions about how to navigate the massive economic changes already underway (and still to come). 

If you enjoy Mike’s videos, you’ll get a lot out of “WTF: What the Fed?!”

Plus, Mike, Chris and Adam are joined by…

Grant Williams… a highly sought-after speaker at investment conferences around the globe, co-founder of Real Vision, and author of widely-read newsletter, Things That Make You Go Hmm, that peels back the curtain on how finance really works.


Charles Hugh Smith perhaps the world’s leading expert on what wealth truly is, how it’s built, valued, and what the future holds for money and our financial system.

Add it up and that’s FIVE financial experts ready to help you understand what’s happening in the economy today… all for free.

Don’t miss this event. Click here to watch “WTF: What the Fed?!”

And hear Mike Maloney, Chris Martenson, Grant Williams, Charles Hugh Smith, and Adam Taggart share their insights and strategies for securing you and your family’s livelihoods in a world increasingly distorted by central banks, astronomical debt, and unpredictable geopolitics.