Skyscraper Curse Signal in China



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Skyscraper Curse Signal in China

September 15, 2015

There are so many skyscrapers being built in China that I have not been able to keep track of them all. The “Walking Stick” building has just become the second tallest skyscraper in the world. This does not qualify as a genuine worldwide “skyscraper signal,” but it does represent a signal for China. This provide another giant hint that the Skyscraper Curse is looming, especially for China. According to the Daily Mail:

  • China 117 Tower, also known as Goldin Finance 117, has been capped at 1,957 feet high on September 8
  • The 117 storey building in Tianjin, China, will be home to hotels, businesses and large viewing platform
  • It is currently the tallest building in China and is dwarfed only by Dubai's 2,723 feet high Burj Khalifa
  • Structure has been described as a 'walking stick' with a diamond shaped viewing platform at the top


The Skyscraper Index show a correlation between record-breaking skyscrapers and economic crisis and suggests that the crisis will be evident before the record breakers are open to the general public.



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