Robert Wenzel, RIP

By: David Gordon

I am sorry to have to report that Bob Wenzel has passed away. He was the editor and publisher of the popular websites Economic Policy Journal and Target Liberty and also published an investment newsletter. I met Bob many years ago at a Mises Institute conference and was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm for Austrian economics and libertarian theory.  He would throw himself into things with unmatched tenacity; he always wanted to find the inside story on events and usually succeeded in doing so. In my many conversations with him, his quick intelligence was apparent. His interests ranged from the fine points of the Non-aggression Principle to the fallacies of Modern Monetary Theory. He was one of the leading opponents of Covid-19 masks and of compulsory vaccinations.  In my last conversation with him, he mentioned a story he was pursuing about a well-known libertarian activist. His final words, “Wow, wow, wow!” echo in my ears. I will miss him.

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