Refinery Says Bloomberg Lied in Money Laundering Report

By Kat Greene
Law360, Los Angeles (September 22, 2014, 8:56 PM ET) — A Miami-based metals refinery has accused Bloomberg LP of falsely implicating it in a cocaine money laundering scheme, claiming in a lawsuit filed in Florida federal court Monday that the story the company’s news organization published about it was “fiction.”

The news outlet reported in May that Colombian officials were investigating whether gold traders and refinery Republic Metals Corp. were using drug money from two of Colombia’s most violent gangs to purchase gold at jacked-up prices to help the gangs launder money, the refinery says in…


I have been quite convinced all along that drug wars as well as all manner of hot wars being fought by the United States really have nothing to do with stopping drugs at all but rather at controlling the petrodollar scheme that replaced the international gold standard in 1971. The bankers, all of whom wish to have their counterfeiting activities undetected, would not want to say that we are going to war to stop people from demanding real money as opposed to the fraudulent dollar that is created out of thin air and backed by a military that forces people to pay for oil in dollars. So if the establishment can link drugs to the free flow of wealth and capital that they do not like, they will do so. All I can say is if Republic Metals Corp. is correct in their charges against Bloomberg, for the sake of justice, how could any fair-minded person not pray that Bloomberg not only loses in court but that it also results in a more honest reporting standard in the future. But given the history of the banking elite, who basically own Western governments, I would not bet on it making much difference.

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