PureFunds Launches Two Brand New Tech-Focused ETFs Today

ETF issuer PureFunds is bringing two new funds to market today, both of which focus on new technologies, but in two very different sectors.

PureFunds ETFx HealthTech ETF (NASDAQ:IMED)

IMED invests in companies that provide new solutions and transformative technology to the healthcare and medical industries. All 60 constituents of the fund are engaged in healthcare informatics, medical instruments and/or medical appliances.

IMED will begin trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange at today’s market open.

PureFunds Solactive FinTech ETF (NASDAQ:FINQ)

FINQ invests in global companies disrupting the financial services industry by offering tech-based solutions designed to revolutionize how these firms run their business. Fund holdings include technology services companies that mostly derive revenue from the sale of financial-related information, financial data analysis services, financial services software tools or platforms or web-based financial services.

Each holding has a minimum market cap of $200 million, with 31 holdings in total.

FINQ will also start trading on the NASDAQ this morning at the market open.

About the Issuer

From PureFunds’ website:

PureFunds is a New York City based research firm serving as the Business Manager or Sponsor to the PureFunds ETFs. We aim to provide investors with tactical ETFs that may offer investment opportunities in industries that traditionally have been difficult to invest in.

Founded in 2010, PureFunds recognized a void in the Exchange Traded Product universe. Although there were many ETF issuers and products in the marketplace, specific thematic investments that the market desired were simply overlooked. With this realization in mind, we partnered with world-class industry leaders to develop these concepts into tradable products.

These two new ETFs look very interesting indeed, and we’ll have more information on them in the coming weeks as they get some trading history under their belts.

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