Prudent Steps For Becoming Safer, More Secure & More Mobile

Prudent Steps For Becoming Safer, More Secure & More Mobile

Executive Summary

  • My recommended steps for greater home security
  • My recommended steps for greater personal security
  • My (new) recommendations on emergency batteries & charges
  • The benefits of being mobile during a crisis: a new model worth considering

If you have not yet read Part 1: How Prepared Are You? Let’s Find Out., available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

Perhaps the biggest and hardest question of planning for an uncertain future is “Where should I do that?” For 99% of all scenarios that I can envision as being likely, I think that sheltering in place is the absolute right answer.

But having a second place to fall back to should be in everyone’s plans. Just in the past few years, we’ve seen PP members have to decamp and hustle out of town because of fires (in California) and hurricanes (in Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida and North Carolina).

As I mentioned in an earlier report, I’m actively working on a second site that will be near enough to my current location to afford easy back-and-forth trips and be a pleasant escape with enough natural beauty to draw me to visit it on a regular basis while the status quo still reigns.

My criteria for this place is that it be relatively rural, near good water (such as a small year-round stream), have a southerly orientation or otherwise good solar exposure, be within an hour’s drive from my main residence, have good soil and at least ¼ of an acre to garden on, and have a site for a small structure/camper.

But even this Plan B retreat may not work for certain scenarios such as an earthquake, flooding, or a nearby nuclear reactor failure. Hey, stuff happens. What if war breaks out between major powers at some point? The amount of chatter on that front is very high right now among US, Chinese and Russian military officials. Who knows?

What’s unpredictable in many of these circumstances is…

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